Manloy Trading Co., Ltd.


New Holistic Corporate Design

Taipei, Taiwan

Manloy Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. is a third generation family business based in Taiwan. It is a global service center for the transformer and motor industries. Since 1958, Manloy has been importing quality materials, providing state of the art slitting and core lamination cutting services. Main products include electrical steel, insulation materials, transformer components and accessories. Understanding the beyond value-add of a well designed brand, Manloy launched a new Corporate Design campaign in 2017 to strengthen their global and regional strategies and recognition.

Manloy took a holistic approach by evaluating their founding principles, core values and business strategy. As a result, the design development has a clear goal and direction throughout the implementation process. The visuals and design elements incorporate the company’s inner values and sends a coherent message to the industry. Through this new Corporate Design, Manloy hopes to inspire other traditional Taiwanese companies to reimagine their market presence, to modernize and to increase their relevance globally.

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