Manloy 60th Anniversary


60th Anniversary Memento

Taipei, Taiwan

In 2018, Manloy Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. celebrated its 60th anniversary. To commemorate this occasion, the company decided to develop an anniversary gift package based on the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. The core design concept is inspired by Manloy’s product lines. For example, the origami-style zodiac signs reflect the insulation and paper-based materials sold by the company and the fine stripe pattern is a derivation of Manloy’s industry-leading cutting & slitting services. These elements attribute to the brand’s values of precision, consistency and commitment to quality. 

This exclusive anniversary memento includes a main gift box enclosed with a company brochure, ceramic tea tumbler, High Mountain Oolong tea bags and a 2018 desk calendar. Each item and vendor were carefully chosen for their strong Taiwanese values and identity including that of collaboration, family ties and hospitality, mirroring key values of Manloy. | photo credit: Sean Marc Lee

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