Panda Garden, Berlin Zoo

Berlin Zoo

Illustrations For The New Panda Garden Compound

Dan Pearlman, Berlin

For the Berlin based agency dan pearlman – who developed the overall new “Panda Garden” for the Berlin Zoo – I’ve designed a complete set of brush painting illustrations, Chinese calligraphy and in addition a new suitable typeface as part of the compound’s visual communication. All brush paintings are created by hand with an original Chinese writing brush (Maobi). 

The Chinese characters and the new typeface are designed digitally based on the calligraphy style called “regular script” (Kaishu). The goal was to create a harmonious and consistent look, which combines eastern and western elements as well as educational and atmospheric aspects.

For Dan Pearlman, Berlin


The bilingual logo of the Panda Garden Compound.

Chinese Characters

Designed in calligraphy style called “regular script” ­(Kaishu), specially created for headlines.

New Typeface

A newly developed typeface, which harmonizes with the calligraphy style of the Chinese characters.

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